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resume, verb, begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption

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On Thursday last week, I woke up with the goal in mind of updating and writing my resumé– the shock of being laid off still quite fresh and the need to just keep moving pressing upon me. I went to my favorite coffee shop with my laptop, ordered the biggest cappuccino I could, and got to working. Writing your resumé is somewhat of a boring and mundane task, if not an exercise in ego inflation. A good resumé makes you look like a rock star as much as possible – even though most of us pore over spreadsheets and run unproductive meetings as a main part of our jobs.

Resumé with an accent on the e is a summary – a curriculum vitae. Remove the accent, and you get a much more interesting word – one which is still apropos to being unemployed. The act of writing your resume is done in an effort to resume your working life – either as a fresh start, or because you’ve been laid off. The other way to look at resume in respect to losing a job, is to see it as resuming your actual life again – like the life we have beyond the eight hours that we toil, gossip, move numbers around on spreadsheets, etc.

For the past few days, I have resumed many things that are essential to who I am – and that I had lost without realizing. I have resumed exercising and moving – which so many of us let go because the pressure and strain of our jobs makes it hard to fit in. I have also resumed daydreaming – having ideas. Just having the time to sit, have a thought and take it to the next place.

I’ve resumed cooking and enjoying food – instead of it just being something I have to do to live. I’ve resumed seeing people I love – meeting with friends and laughing. I have also resumed breathing – really breathing – consciously – in through the nose, out through the mouth – intentionally. I’ve resumed listening to and enjoying music all day, and all different kinds. Listening to NPR and This American Life again – letting the stories and news give me ideas, making me think and use my brain.

I have also resumed reminiscing. The only other time in my life that I was let go from a job was when I was 16 years old and the famous town ice cream shop fired me. I remember feeling the same way I do now back then – although working at 16 was mostly so I could buy my clothes and go out with friends – it wasn’t a livelihood like it is now – and I ended up within a week or so working for the kosher burger joint down the block. It was called Fliegels – and although it wasn’t the cool place to work in the way my ice cream scooping and waitressing gig was, I ended up working there until I graduated from high school.

As I remember, the ice cream shop job was brutal. I worked late and had to clean the kitchen…and they made us split our tips with the non-waitressing staff – which I always thought was unfair. I went home filthy every night, covered in dried ice cream and grease from cooking sandwiches on the grille. The customers were often rude and demanding – sometimes sexually harassing as well. My dad came to pick me up at midnight most evenings – and I’d go home and finally get to my homework in the wee hours before school the next day – completely exhausted and working too hard for a 16-year-old.

Despite the not so great situation with ice cream shop, getting the job at Fliegels initially felt like a step down. It was a takeout place – no waitressing or staff of teenagers. I manned the counter next to a giant, revolving wheel of shawarma – which was a foreign food to me. Most of the time, I worked alone, ran the register which spit the orders into the back where a Mexican immigrant prepared them. I had to wear a long skirt that went to my ankles and cover my hair and I learned a few words for things in Hebrew. Once a week, a rabbi came and worked in the basement blessing all of the food – and I began appreciating a totally different world of food and culture. One that was filled with shawarma, hummus, tahini, tabbouleh, falafel…much more interesting than ice cream sundaes and cream cheese sandwiches. The people were nicer – especially my Mexican partner who prepared the food in the back. Working at Fliegels wasn’t as flashy or as cool as my former job, but I was able to resume being a curious and well adjusted 16-year-old. I didn’t work late hours, was treated well and learned about Middle Eastern and Israeli food, some Hebrew and Jewish culture. The day I graduated from high school the owners asked me to come pick up my last paycheck. I had gotten a job as a camp counselor for a Girl Scout Camp in the Catskills for the summer so my stint there was over. When I got there that day, they paid me double what I had earned and sent me off with hugs and thanks.

I think for the past four years, my last job was a lot like working at that ice cream shop. I felt a part of something fun, flashy, iconic and important – but I was going home dejected and worn out for many reasons. As I resume my job search – and the next chapter of my life – I hope to find my Fliegels again. I’m 41 and not 16, but the things that make me tick are not all that much different…and I definitely prefer a good plate of falafel, hummus and tahini over a banana split any day.


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flattered v. make (someone) feel honored and pleased


Many thanks to Kaitlyn Fletcher for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I am truly flattered.

The Very Inspiring Blog Award is really awesome in so many ways! It gives bloggers a chance to get out there and show their feelings and recognize each other for great things. It’s a chance to make someone stand out for their hard work and feel good about themselves and what they’re doing. Everyone should be nominated!

There are simple rules that go along with accepting this nomination, and those are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate at least 5 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.


1. I make really, really, ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies. They are actually from a recipe I found in the New York Times, but for some reason everyone that eats them dreams about them from that point on. I am very particular about the way I make these cookies, but share the recipe often. I believe in sharing things that make others happy. Don’t drool…here is what they look like:


2.  I am having a hard time adjusting to suburban life. I lived in Brooklyn for 4 years before moving to Essex County, New Jersey and I miss it. However, I do not regret moving. It would be a mistake to live in a tiny apartment in the city with a 60 pound dog and a 1 year old. We would all be covered in dog hair and ready to strangle each other

3. I drive around a lot in a big orange Honda Element and listen to music with my son for fun. We love Montclair, NJ. Driving down Upper Mountain Ave is like taking a Hollywood Mansion tour…and the views of NYC are amazing.

4. I took my son to see Santa for the first time yesterday and this is what happened:


5. I might be a bad parent per the above posted photo.

6. My dog sheds a lot and we have tumble weeds of dog hair all over the house. Her name is Stella and we love her but finding your dog on Petfinder and picking her up in a hotel parking lot in Connecticut is probably not the wisest decision we have made. She’s originally from Kentucky and was supposed to be part Bassett Hound…which there is no evidence of…her legs aren’t even short. She’s huge – 60+ pounds, looks like a Holstein cow and hates New York City.

7. I used to work for a very famous jewelry company in Product Development but took some time off to be a mom. I miss my job a lot of the time, but sometimes the hardest decisions turn out to be the best ones…I am still waiting for this one to play out.


  1. Colossal – I read this blog everyday because it is amazing. The writer captures everything from wire sculptures to stop motion videos. I am always amazed and inspired by the work on this blog.
  2. Canadian Hiking Photography – I am a huge photography nerd and just love these hiking photos taken by Patrick Latter. I’m a wimp when it comes to hiking but these photos make me want to strap on a backpack and take over the world.
  3. Biblioklept – Book reviews and pretty pictures that get my imagination going so I can think of something to write. This is a daily stop for me.
  4. Kristen Lamb’s Blog – This lady is an incredible writer and an inspiration. She is strong and well spoken and makes me want to write more.
  5. Mind Pried Open – My husband is the reason why I started blogging…mostly to compete with him (just kidding). He is a much better writer than myself and much more cerebral. He’s the brain and I’m the blubber of the marriage.


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